Billionaire 'Shark Tank' bro has white hot emotional meltdown because he couldn’t see 'Hamilton'
Photo by Loic Le Meur/Flickr

California tech billionaire Chris Sacca might be a frequent face on "Shark Tank" but he wasn't famous enough for the ticket crew at the Broadway show "Hamilton," Saturday night.

“Do you know who I am?” Sacca shouted repeatedly, according to an eyewitness, Market Watch reported.

The answer was "No." No one knew, and no one cared.

“He was getting really angry at the ticket scanner,” said a theater worker who asked to remain anonymous. Evidently, Sacca was speaking to workers in “a really condescending way." Further, Sacca “said he was a ‘shark’ on ‘Shark Tank’ and warned it wouldn’t be good if they couldn’t get in.”

Sacca was so inconsolable that a worker had to retrieve the manager who wouldn't let Sacca in either. He “explained the exact same thing, that there’s nothing they could do, this happens to a lot of people and they always tell people to be careful buying tickets second-hand,” the anonymous worker said.

Hamilton is such a popular show and recently received 16 Tony award nominations. President Obama has reported seen the show more than once and welcomed the cast to perform at the White House. The show sells out several months in advance and last week the New York Post reported a police bust for fake tickets that were being sold.

Sacca “wouldn’t take no for an answer,” the witness said. “He kept making a scene, saying how they had flown from California and it was his birthday.”

According to his online profiles, Sacca's birthday isn't May 21, it was actually last week on May 12. It also seems as though he knew he didn't have a legitimate ticket. He tweeted out to the "Hamilton" star and director "Cool if I drop by your place tonight? Any plan around 7:00?" However, the tweet was deleted shortly after.

Eventually, he left in a huff, and is now claiming that the incident was a joke.