California high school claims Muslim student identified as 'Isis' in yearbook was a 'misprint'
Screenshot from Los Osos High School yearbook of Muslim student misidentified as "Isis"

The principal of a California high school has launched an investigation after the school yearbook was published with a Muslim student identified under her photo as "Isis Phillips."

According to The Islamic Monthly, Los Osos High School student Bayan Zehlif opened her yearbook only to see her name replaced with Isis -- a reference to a Middle Eastern terrorist group.

On Twitter Zehlif posted a screenshot from the book with the comment, "I guess I'm Isis in the yearbook..."

After friends encouraged her to share the slight with school administrators, the Los Osos principal announced an investigation, calling the slur a "misprint."

Writing on Twitter, principal Susan Petrocelli commented, "LOHS is taking every step possible to correct & investigate a regrettable misprint discovered in the yearbook. We sincerely apologize."

In an interview with Islamic Monthly, Petrocelli said the school once had a student named Isis Phillips who still attends classes in the district.

Zehlif isn't buying it.

“The school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. I beg to differ, let’s be real,” she explained.

According to Petrocelli, “I would never say it was a typo or a mistake. As I told Bayan’s family, this matter has to be thoroughly investigated first.”

The principal stated that only 287 yearbooks have been distributed so far at the school attended by 3,000 students The rest of the yearbooks are currently locked up and school officials are working with the publisher to correct the error.

Zehlif's and Petrocelli's tweets below: