Do you have good posture at the airport? Meet the guy who taught the TSA that you might be a terrorist
(AFP/Mark Leffingwell)

This week, a Chicago Midway International Airport passenger recorded a two-minute long video, which has since gone viral, illustrating the excruciating long line for TSA screenings:


The TSA claims this is “simply the new normal” and blames “record travel volume.”

According to the Intercept, which obtained a confidential TSA document, the TSA has a list of body language signs that it believes indicates a greater likelihood that a passenger is a terrorist, which include “fidgeting, whistling, sweaty palms …arrogance, a cold penetrating stare, and rigid posture.”

Behavior Detection Officers are employed to spot these behaviors at airports. The controversial screening program was created by a psychologist, Paul Ekman, who’s been studying behavioral analysis for nearly 50 years.

In case you're frustrated, disappointed or alarmed by the long lines the next time you’re at the airport, check out Ekman’s latest project “Atlas of Emotions,” which he calls “the world's first interactive mapping of how emotions influence our lives.”