'Female Wolverine' in works for X-Men movie -- and fans restore faith in humanity by loving change
(Credit: Marvel)

A future X-Men movie could have a so-called "female Wolverine" and -- for once -- fans are embracing the change.

After 17 years of Hugh Jackman filling the role of Wolverine on the big screen, X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer revealed to Fandango this week that he had already spoken to Fox about instead using the character X-23 -- a female Wolverine clone -- for a future X-Force movie.

"I have discussed that with the studio," Singer explained. "I actually initially pitched the X-Force and the female."

According to the Marvel Database, scientists created Laura Kinney -- or X-23 -- as a clone when they were unable to salvage the Y chromosome from the original Weapon X experiment.

Unlike fans disdain for female Ghostsbusters characters, the idea of a "female Wolverine" was largely met with praise on Twitter.

But as always, the change also left a few people upset.