Florida cop who beat handcuffed woman also slammed her face into ground in separate incident
Akinyemi Borisade beating restrained woman -- YouTube screen capture

On Sunday the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department released an additional video showing that a rookie sheriff's deputy, who was fired last week for the brutal beating of a handcuffed woman at the county jail, assaulted her earlier as she was being arrested.

In video highlighted by the Free Thought Project, rookie cop Akinyemi Borisade can be seen punching a restrained 31-year-old Mayra Martinez in the face and back of the head before repeatedly slamming her face into the ground as she was being held down.

Before releasing the new video, Undersheriff Pat Ivey criticized Borisade for his conduct at the jail as he announced that charges would be filed against the rookie.

“He could have turned her around and held her in a transporting position that they are trained in back over to the location to wait by the door,” Ivey said in a statement at the time. “He could have stood there with her, but there was no need to strike her.”

In the new video Martinez is seen struggling with the two officers who were taking her into custody, as Borisade punched her over and over with a closed fist in the head and on her side.

As his partner cuffed her, he is seen grabbing her head and slamming her face into the parking lot ground.

Watch the video below: