Florida Planned Parenthood evacuated after 10 people exposed to potential hazardous materials
A Planned Parenthood facility (Shutterstock)

A Planned Parenthood facility in Sarasota, Florida has been evacuated after several people were exposed to potentially hazardous materials. SNNTV reporter Allyson Henning says that at least 10 people have been transported away from the facility to be treated for exposure to an as-yet unidentified substance. According to local news station Fox13News, 38 people were in the facility when the potentially hazardous material was discovered and all of them are being decontaminated on the scene before being allowed to leave.

At the moment, police are not releasing any information about what the substance is that caused the scare in the facility, but we do know hazmat units were sent into the building. We also don't yet know the extent of the injuries suffered by the 10 people who have been transported away from the facility.

UPDATE: Well, this certainly qualifies as a false alarm. It turns out that the potentially hazardous substance turned out to be baby formula found in a stairwell:

Why this required people to be taken to the hospital is anyone's guess but it seems law enforcement officials don't want to take any chances right now.

Here's the police department's official statement:

So its sounds like this is what happened:

  • Police were called in to investigate a mysterious powder that turned out to be baby food
  • In the process of this investigation, it sounds like some cleaning chemicals were spilled
  • This -- not the baby food -- was what caused 8 people in the building to experience shortness of breath and to be transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.