Graduates from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University Law have a comically high 26% unemployment rate
Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. (YouTube)

In case you don't know, Liberty University Law is a Christian law school that was founded by the late Jerry Falwell to flood the legal system with good conservative Christian soldiers who would be appointed as judges or bring important cases before the Supreme Court. Or, at least that's the theory.

Above the Law on Wednesday posted a list of the ten law schools in the United States with the highest rates of graduate unemployment and Liberty University was No. 4 on the list with an unemployment rate of 26.2% among grads. This means Liberty University graduates are even less likely to get jobs than graduates from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, which earlier this year was ordered to stand trial for allegedly vastly inflating their post-graduation employment statistics.

But hey, even if your law degree from Liberty U. is worthless, you can at least get to say you graduated from a school that lets you pack heat on campus.