Larry David closes out SNL season with brilliant return as Bernie having a last beer with Hillary
Kate McKinnon and Larry David on Saturday Night Live -- NBC screen grab

In what might be his last appearance as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, comedian Larry David once again popped up on Saturday Night Live for another dead-on impersonation of the presidential candidate.

With cast regular Kate McKinnon reprising Hillary Clinton, the two meet cute at closing time in a bar and have a beer together as they reminisce about the primary season while trading passive-aggressive barbs all the while.

Ordering a beer, Bernie asked for, "A new brand that people are flocking to. Something refreshing and revolutionary. Something that draws yuge crowds."

"And I'll have whatever beer no one likes that gets the job done," Hillary added.

Saying she'll have a very special place in her administration for him -- as a senator from Vermont -- a half-in-the-bag Hillary made a barroom confession.

"You know the presidency?" she confided. "I really really want it. You know what else? I don't really like people. I only talk to them because I want to be the president so bad. Please don't tell, don't tell."

"Yeeee, I think they know, " Bernie replied.

Then they danced.

Watch the video below via SNL: