Man who sued Trump for $175K is still voting for him because 'we got a lot of retards in this country'
Donald Trump urges supporters to pledge to vote for him in Concord, NC (MSNBC/screen grab)

If you talk to voters for long enough in this country, you'll realize that many of them vote for very strange reasons. If you want a major example of this, consider the case of an 83-year-old Trump voter named Patrick Vincent, who sued Trump for $175,000 after he says he seriously injured his arm falling down the stairs at a Trump property.

Vincent tells The Daily Beast that his arm "turned completely black" after the accident and it's still not completely right despite years of physical therapy. Even worse, the bankruptcy of Trump Plaza Associates that occurred the year after his accident prevented him from claiming any money for his medical bills.

So why, exactly, is he still all aboard the Trump Train?

"I lost $175,000 and I’m a poor man, but I love him," he said. "We got a lot of retards in this county, but Donald Trump is the man who is going to help the people… I ain’t going against him."

Why does Vincent think that Trump "is going to help the people" despite the fact that Trump clearly hasn't helped him? It's a mystery of human psychology that we may never understand, but The Daily Beast found similar stories of people who are voting for Trump despite the fact that he's allegedly harmed them in the past, so this is not an isolated phenomenon.