Mississippi Gov.: Christians will endure crucifixion for right to discriminate against gay people
Phil Bryant (Facebook)

In case you haven't noticed, some conservative Christians are really determined to keep their rights to discriminate against gay people. One such person is Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, who earlier this year signed a law that allowed businesses to discriminate against gay people on religious grounds. This bill wasn't just something that let local bakeries refuse to make cakes for gay weddings, either -- it is so broad that it enables both public employees and private businesses to discriminate against gay couples, transgender people, and even those who have premarital sex.

Right Wing Watch points out that Bryant recently accepted the Samuel Adams Religious Freedom Award that was given out at this year's Watchmen on the Wall right-wing Christian conference. During his acceptance speech, Bryant talked about how far Christians would go to defend their religious liberty and deny service to gay people.

"They don't know that Christians have been persecuted throughout the ages," he said of critics of his state's anti-LGBT law. "They don't know that if it takes crucifixion, we will stand in line before abandoning our faith and our belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So if we are going to stand, now is the time and this is the place."

Thankfully, crucifixion won't be necessary to overturn these laws, as a court challenge to their constitutionality will likely suffice.

Check out the video of Bryant's acceptance speech below.