Pat Buchanan goes ballistic after feds sue NC over anti-trans law: 'Why can't the minority deal with it?'
Pat Buchanan discusses the Justice Department's lawsuit against North Carolina on May 9, 2016. (YouTube)

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan was apoplectic on Monday following the Justice Department's decision to sue North Carolina over its heavily-criticized anti-trans law, and especially so with comparisons between the Civil Rights Movement and the fight for LGBT equality.

"I was at the March on Washington in '63," Buchanan complained to Fox Business host Neil Cavuto. "At any number of these occasions, it was a great collision and a great movement. To compare that is to compare the sublime to the ridiculous."

Neither man mentioned, as Attorney General Loretta Lynch did in a statement earlier, that Gov. Pat McCrory's (R) administration responded to a department warning regarding the law's breach of the Civil Rights Act by filing its own lawsuit.

"Something's gonna happen out of this, Neil," Buchanan told Cavuto. "Some character is gonna go into the girls' room or the ladies room, and some terrible incident's gonna occur, and it's gonna be a terrible backlash. This country has existed for 200 some-odd years and we haven't had any problem with this. Why can't the minority that is griping about it simply deal with it?"

Buchanan apparently did not realize that critics of the law also point out that the US "hasn't had any problem" like the one he predicted just a second earlier.

Watch the interview, as posted on Monday, below.