Texas man calls cops believing startled dog bite to his buttocks was gunfire
Dog (Shutterstock)

A Texas man who was enjoying a thunderstorm and marijuana on his porch mistook a dog bite to his rear end as a gun shot, according to AL.com.

The man was not named by authorities, but the Groesbeck Police Department in eastern Texas on Thursday took to Facebook to point out there was no gunfire in an effort to assuage local rumors of a shooting.

In a Facebook status that has now been shared by more than 6,200 people, Groesbeck police Chief Chris Henson wrote, "We responded to a report of a shooting at a local mobile home park. Officer Cox arrived on scene first and was flagged down by a male who stated he believed he'd been shot in the left buttock while sitting on a porch."

But the man had not been shot. The passing thunderstorm had startled one of his dogs, causing the pooch to "nip the 'victim' in the left buttock," the chief wrote.

The man was treated by medics at the scene and released.