Texas Republican: Backing trans-bathrooms is the issue that will ‘cost Hillary the election’
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (MSNBC)

Friday night Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick got into an exceedingly heated argument with MSNBC host Chris Hayes over trans-inclusive bathrooms -- going so far to say it could be the defining issue that could keep Hillary Clinton from becoming president.

Often times shouting over each other, Patrick and Hayes went back and forth on the issue of transgender bathrooms, with Patrick repeatedly saying it would lead to assaults on little girls by trans women.

After Patrick ran through his talking points about his fears of women being assaulted, Hayes pressed the Texas lawmaker on whether laws to ban transgendered individuals from bathrooms where they feel most comfortable was a solution in search of a problem.

"What percentage of complaints, in the state of Texas or Ft. Worth, come from students and parents due to this specific issue that you have devoted so much time too? What percentage?" said Hayes as he hammered Patrick.

"Chris, I feel you're kind of hostile to the issue. I'm just trying to have a conversation here. You don't kind of have to take me on," the lawmaker shot back.

After Hayes talked over Patrick, asking to hear about any complaints at all, the lawmaker turned it back, asking, "What complaints have we had from a transgendered student saying that have to go to the bathroom with a girl?" thereby avoiding Hayes' question.

Patrick went on to to say that the bathroom issue would become a major factor in the upcoming election.

"It's going to be the biggest issue in the upcoming election by the way," He stated. "Hillary supports it, Trump doesn't. This will probably cost her the election."

Watch the interview, as aired on Friday, below.