Texas teens accused of spraying 'whites only' on fountain at rival school as part of 'senior prank'
Teens accused of racist graffiti (Screenshot/CBS DFW)

Five Texas teenagers are facing criminal charges after allegedly spray-painting "whites only" on a wall next to a drinking fountain, CBS DFW reports.

Ryan Westbrook, 17, Ethan Sigmund, 18, Christian Joeckel, 18, Hayden Honoloka, 17 and Cameron Bodenstab, 18, have all been charged with felonies for the vandalism at their rival school, Martin High. All the accused teens are students at Arlington High.

While the incident was described by local news reports as a prank, CBS reports each student could end up spending a year in jail as a result.

The teens also spray painted the words "trans only" on a men's bathroom at Martin and also "payback for the parking lot."

They are accused of spreading race and sex orientation bias, according to CBS.

"They're pretty remorseful," Arlington police Lt. Christopher Cook told CBS. "I don't think that they gave a lot of thought into the ramifications. Unfortunately you're held accountable and there's consequences when you engage in this behavior."

According to WFAA, language too vulgar for news print was also included on athletics banners and trashcans near Arlington High's football stadium.

Watch the report, from CBS DFW, here: