Fake pastor: I've never seen anybody that detests Christians and conservatives like Megyn Kelly
Faye Hardin, host of BattleCry on Texas public access TV (Screen capture)

It's a rare sight to find a conservative, so far right-wing, that even Fox News is too liberal for them. This week's episode of "Faye Hardin Presents BattleCry," so-called "prayer warrior" for Christ, Faye Hardin went on an epic rant about Fox News and Megyn Kelly, who, Hardin believes, detests Christians and could be part of the liberal plot to destroy their religion.

After going off about how Hillary Clinton doesn't represent women, Hardin turned her insults to Fox News, which she says is the only channel "that even allows conservative hosts." But really, even Fox News is "runnin' down to 'bout one person," Hardin explained before correcting herself saying there might actually be two. "I think we've got Sean Hannity now and we've got, um, uh, a couple of Fox contributors who are conservative and take a stand for Christian values but not many."

That's when it took a turn against Kelly. "Most of Fox News has gone to the, um, uh, Kelly File, a liberal, feminist," Hardin managed to say with a straight face. "Who is undermining everything Christian through her program. But the guests she sets up, they say exactly what she wants them to say. And I've never seen anybody that detests Christians and conservatives like Megyn Kelly. Well, she's got a major platform and she's gettin' millions to desecrate who we are and why we are that, depicting us to be absolutely irresponsible and, uh, radicals. If that's not a twist in the truth."

Sitting next to large sticks of bamboo, as if she was shooting her show in the front waiting room of a Florida hibachi grill, Hardin resolved that all women must come together against people like Clinton and Kelly. If you don't, it means that your minds have been "yielded to the progressive, socialist, communist values of the women controlling the media, uh, they're controllin' the government, and we don't have a position. They don't give us fair and balanced," she claimed.

No word on whether someone has informed Hardin that "progressive, socialist, communist values" are all conflicting ideologies, but ignorance is the same in all forms of politics.

Check out the full tirade below: