Trans pageant does what dozens of governments can’t — bring together Christians, Muslims and Jews
Contestants at this year's Miss Trans Israel beauty pageant (Photo via MISS TRANS STAR International Pageant's Facebook page)

Fighting over religion is one of humanity's oldest and saddest traditions. That said, there are places where people of all different religions can come together as friends -- and if you want an example, look no further than the new Miss Trans Israel 2016 beauty pageant for transgender people.

Per NBC News, this transgender beauty pageant is occurring in Israel today and it's bringing together Christians, Muslims and Jews to engage in a friendly competition for the title of Miss Trans Israel.

"Here I don't feel Muslim, Jewish, Christian," contestant Caroline Khouri told NBC News. "All of the people are together and the transsexual [people], they love together."

What makes this story particularly heartwarming is that this pageant is helping transgender women like Khouri feel at home after years of facing discrimination in their communities.

"My cousins, my father, my brother-in-law all came and beat me and took me by force and cut my hair, tied me to the bed and left me there for three days with no food," she explained of her life before the pageant.

Of course, Israel as a whole is a pretty friendly place for transgender people, although they still face some harsh discrimination in some Jewish Orthodox and Muslims communities.

Check out an NBC News video on this new pageant below.