WATCH: CNN panel bursts into laughter after Trump advisor says Hillary will destroy 2nd Amendment
CNN panel laughing at Stephen Miller -- (CNN screen grab)

An advisor to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was greeted with laughter and ridicule on CNN Friday night after stating Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

Earlier in the day, Trump gave a pandering speech to the NRA by attacking Clinton over guns in return for an endorsement from the organization. During he speech he claimed Clinton would destroy the right to own guns.

Turning to Trump advisor Stephen Miller,  host Don Lemon got right to the point.

"I want to talk about the 2nd Amendment," Lemon began. "Because Donald Trump continues to say that Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment. That is false. That is false by every fact-checker, by the campaign, by her, by everyone who is listening but Donald Trump. Why does he continues to say that?"

"Because it's true, " Miller began, before pausing as the entire panel, including Lemon, began to laugh uproariously.

Miller asserted that Clinton wants to overturn the Supreme Court's  DC v Heller decision that shot down a law making it a crime to carry an unregistered firearm and prohibiting the registration of handguns, but still allowed for ownership of other types of weapons.

According to Miller, overturning the decision would mean "the 2nd Amendment would no longer exist."

Guest Sally Kohn pushed back at Miller, pointing out that before the Heller decision, there had always been restrictions on guns. She also noted that even Constitutional originalist Antonin Scalia agreed that there should be some restrictions on guns.

Watch the video below via CNN on Twitter