WATCH: Gay cyclist shuts down ranting anti-gay street preacher -- and the crowd goes wild
Composite photo of Glasgow street preacher and cyclist -- (Facebook screen grabs)

A passing cyclist knocked an anti-gay street preacher off his game by telling him that he was gay and didn’t need his “f*cking god” to love himself.

And the watching crowd applauded as he pedaled off, reports TVNZ.

In video recorded by Emlyn Pearce in Glasgow -- and posted to Facebook -- Pearce describes the scene with the street preacher drawing a crowd while ranting against the LGBT community.

"I walk through Glasgow holding hands with my boyfriend all the time, and we have never experienced any homophobia. So to walk down the main shopping street and hear a man shouting that 'the 99%' need to stand up to the '1%' who are gay was very sad and very scary," Pearce wrote.

Taking out his cell phone and filming the street preacher, Pearce caught the cyclist -- who later identified himself as Ryan Vance -- stopping after he passed and confronting the Biblical ranter.

"I'm gay, I'm gay, so say that to me," Vance told the street evangelist.

As Vance began to leave, the preacher called after him and said, "God still loves you."

With barely a glance over his shoulder, Vance replied, "I love me, I don't need a f*cking god to do it."

The crowd then burst into applause as the street preacher paused, appearing to think about some kind of retort.

Watch the video below, uploaded to Facebook: