WATCH: Moms share their love for their transgender kids -- and cut the heart out of anti-LGBT bigotry
Transgender child Trinity -- (YouTube screen grab)

In a stunning -- and at times heartbreaking video -- mothers of transgender children push back at the vitriol expressed toward the transgender community, while expressing their love for their children just the way they are.

According to the video, called "Meet My Child," transgender adults and children are under attack from politicians in 20 states who have, "Attempted to advance over 50 pieces of legislation attacking transgender people. These policies are a real danger to transgender people and hurt the most vulnerable, including America’s transgender children.”

In the video moms reminisce about their children admitting to them that they are transgender, before expressing a parent's fear of a world that refuses to accept their kids.

In one heartbreaking excerpt, a mom tears up and says of her daughter, "She's my heart and I don't want to lose her."

Watch the video below via YouTube from the Trans United Fund:

(H/T Towleroad)