WATCH: South Carolina McDonalds employees get into wild and bewildering fight over pies
South Carolina McDonalds sees violence in fight over pies. (Photo: Screen capture)

The employees at one South Carolina McDonald's are serious about their pie.

Two women got into a physical altercation just before 10 p.m Wednesday evening. They were arguing over pies when the 35-year-old-employee told the 25-year-old employee that she had to leave the restaurant, saying she would cover the woman's shift. The 25-year-old refused to leave, so the older employee called police, according to WBTV.

Officers had to be called in to help after other employees attempted to break up the fight. The younger employee was seen threatening the older woman saying, "if she went to jail she would beat her ass," the police report says. The younger woman also slapped the older woman knocking her glasses off.

The altercation was caught on video by Noah Smith III who uploaded it to Facebook: