An American businessman now living in Taiwan announced plans to raise $1.5 million in order to fund what he calls a 'recreation' of the 9/11 attack in New York City, Jezebel reported.

"If you doubt anything about 9/11, we want to blast this to smithereens," Paul Salo said in a video posted from Taiwan, where he now resides. "Or, we want to prove you completely right."

Salo's online fundraiser, he said, will use the money to buy "a 747 or equivalent aircraft that's about to go out of service" and "a building that's about to be torn down in the countryside" and crash the plane into the building at 500 miles an hour.

"We probably will find out that it was a similar physics as what happened on 9/11, OK? I believe that actually 9/11, some guys flew airplanes in there," he says in the video. "But at the same time, hey, I'm no dummy. Maybe it’s not true. I want to find out too. I want to fly that sucker in there. We're going to find out exactly what happens when something goes 500 miles an hour into a building full of fuel."

According to Salo's campaign page, anyone who contributes $5,000 to his project will get a "front row seat" for the collision, as well as a recording of it by what he describes as "top notch cinematographers."

"Streaming video from the plane, the building and full inspections before and after," he promises on the site. "You will see it all. And meet like minded folk. It will be an epic event however it turns out."

He also insisted on the site that he does not wish to disrespect the people who died during the attacks.

"We all have belief in the official line somewhere between black and white on each extreme. We are not a team of tin foil hats. Of truthers. We just want to see it," he wrote. "And, as I said, let what happens happen. Either way, you'll be there either online or off and can participate on some level."

Watch Salo's video announcement regarding the campaign, as posted online, below.