Woman randomly attacks cops with 'Karate Kid crane kick' — blames 'bad day'
(Photo via Austin PD and Screen capture)

Sarah Pierce, 22, might not seem like a fierce badass, but she assaulted an Austin, Texas police officer using the "crane kick" made famous by the movie "The Karate Kid."

“What are you looking at?” Pierce shouted at the officers Monday, as they sat at a stop sign while leaving the Municipal Court, according to KXAN TV.

“I’m not looking at you," the officer driving responded rolling up her window. Pierce then approached the vehicle and pounded on the window screaming at them. The officer then got out of the car, dressed in plain clothes but wearing her badge on her belt.

Pierce flailed her arms, then raised her leg in perfect "Karate Kid Crane" form and kicked the officer in the stomach. That's when the officers grabbed her and pulled her to the ground.

Pierce swore she was just a misunderstood girl having a "bad day," and was upset the officers were looking at her.

Rather than helping her seek medical treatment, the officers charged her with assault, a third-degree felony, and  resisting arrest.