Woman says Boston company removed son's headstone from cemetery and hiked up the return fee
Headstone marking Jonathan Remy's burial before it was removed from a Boston cemetery. (WFXT-TV)

A Boston woman is fighting to get back the headstone marking her son's death after the company that made it removed it from his grave site, WFXT-TV reported.

"I felt like my son just died again, a second time," Ania Remy said.

Following the death of her son Jonathan from sudden heart failure when he was 17 years old, Remy said she paid the company, WC Canniff Monuments, $6,000 to create the headstone. On Sunday, however, she went to the cemetery to find it was gone.

Remy said the company's owner, Ed Canniff, first told her the headstone may have been stolen. A day later, however, he told her she still owed $65 on her bill. But when she tried to settle the debt, he allegedly told her it would cost another $120 to put it back.

Canniff told WFXT that he had tried to collect the debt from Remy for the past three years and notified her before removing the headstone, though he did not provide documents supporting that argument. He also refused to waive the $120 fee for returning it.

"If I bend over backwards for her, I have to bend over backwards for everyone," he said, adding, "This is bullsh*t."

Watch WFXT's report, as aired on Thursday, below.