Woody Allen gets The Hollywood Reporter banned from Cannes event for publishing rape allegations
Filmmaker Woody Allen (AFP)

The Hollywood Reporter was banned from a Cannes Film Festival event featuring Woody Allen after publishing a guest column by Ronan Farrow, his son with ex-wife and actress Mia Farrow.

Tatiana Siegel, a senior writer for the publication, posted on Twitter that she and her colleagues were barred from a lunch event on Thursday for Allen's new film, Cafe Society. After her publication posted that Allen did not read Farrow's column, Siegel responded, "But Woody's team definitely has. That's why I was banned from Cafe Society lunch today (and three of my colleagues)."

Ronan Farrow's column accuses the media of being silent on allegations by his sister, Dylan, that Allen molested her when she was a child, in order to maintain access to A-list celebrities.

That didn't stop comedian Laurent Lafitte from taking a swing at him on Wednesday.

“It’s very nice that you’ve been shooting so many movies in Europe, even if you are not being convicted for rape in the U.S.”