Alabama protesters smackdown KKK: 'They need to take their corrupt ideology back to 19th Century'
Anti-KKK protesters in Mobile, Alabama (Photo: screen capture)

After a series of fliers popped up in neighborhoods across Alabama, residents of the state have had enough.

Local activists gathered at Cathedral Square in Mobile, Alabama on Saturday, holding signs saying "Protect Trans Lives" and "Stop the Klan."

"Their kind of domestic terrorism will no longer be tolerated," Delia Melody a local Transgender Rights Activist told Local15TV. "They have been specifically targeting my community, the transgender community, by calling us abominations."

The fliers have been popping up from Fairhope to Midtown Mobile and denounce laws that allow transgender people to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity. The fliers also ask for donations and encourage those who agree to consider joining the klan.

"The KKK seems to prefer to do their business in the dark and distribute these flyers in private and stalk around," Tyler Henderson with Mobile Bay Socialist Alternative said. "We're going to come out in broad daylight and raise our voices and tell them that they are not welcome in our town. They are not welcome, and they need to take their corrupt ideology back to 19th Century where it belongs."

Henderson says that he is working to unify oppressed communities, "as well as any allied with those communities to get hate and bigotry which is on the rise here and in the U.S. Out of our cities and make it a safer place for people of color, the transgender and for our children," he said.