Alex Jones says gun owners are the real victims of Pulse massacre: They 'want to take our freedoms away'
Conservative radio host Alex Jones on Nov. 14, 2014. [YouTube]

As if thinking people were not getting bashed enough with rightwing fallout on the homophobic attack on the Pulse nightclub, Alex Jones claims that the government set up the massacre in order to take away "our freedoms," --guns.

Alex Jones issues pronouncements about America's enemies on his radio show, which is currently carried by 160 radio stations around the United States. At his conspiracy central website, he is described as "dedicated to libertarian and constitutionalist ideas, in addition to what he has coined "1776 worldwide" - promoting a true culture of liberty, transparency and freedom on a planetary scale to empower humanity, while vehemently opposing Agenda 21 and the globalist threat to national sovereignty."

In the video, filmed against a backdrop of rosebushes, Jones blames the government for the "false flag" attack on the nightclub.

"Our government and the governments of Europe allowed these huge hordes of radical jihadis in ... without checking their passports or visas...they're allowing them to attack us, so they can then take our freedoms away," he says.

He describes Islam as cancer, and as a "civil war religion of destabilization and slavery." He claims that Saudi Arabia is "quarterbacking" the whole radical Islam terror issue, and that both President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have passed laws that restrict speech for fear of "making Muslims angry." And he says, while they're passing hate laws and speech laws, they also want to "take your guns."

Jones then promises to stand up for your freedom because he isn't going to "submit."

In the 1:40 speech, Jones never once mentions that the target of the attack was the LGTBQ community, nor does he mention that the club employed a police officer for security, and it was the cop who first engaged the gunman as the initial rampage began.

During the first few seconds of the video, a banner proclaims, "This is how you clear toxic air." And then at the end, Jones urges viewers to read the truth at InfoWars, his conspiracy website.

The word salad can be viewed here: