Apple pulls support for GOP convention due to Trump's comments on women and immigrants
Apple CEO Tim Cook [Wikimedia Commons]

Apple has let the Republican National Committee know it can expect no assistance from the industry giant at their national convention unlike previous years, reports Politico.

The reason? Who else: Donald Trump.

Apple joins a long list of major corporations that are keeping their distance from the Republican national get-together in Cleveland this July, with Wells Fargo, Motorola Solutions, JPMorgan Chase Co., Ford and UPS already serving notice.

According to Politico, Apple let the RNC know that they find Trump's comments on women, immigrants and minorities intolerable.

Tech giants Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all said they will provide some support, with Microsoft saying they will provide tech services -- but no cash.

For their part, Apple will be supplying nothing to help the party select a candidate who has been highly critical of them. Earlier on the campaign trail,  Trump called for a boycott of Apple products, and attacked the company's stance on encryption following the San Bernardino shooting when the FBI asked for help in "cracking" the shooter's phone.

Apple sat out both party's conventions in 2012 after the Democrats refused corporate contributions.

In 2008, Apple provided about $140,000 in MacBooks and other technology for both party's conventions.

A company spokesperson has not stated if the Democrat's will be receiving any support.