Billionaire Koch brothers will not donate to GOP convention after Trump's anti-judge rants
Rally against the Koch brothers attempt to buy Los Angeles Times (peoplesworld/Flickr)

Charles and David Koch will not contribute to this year's Republican National Convention -- marking another departure from their involvement in 2012, Bloomberg News reported.

A spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the billionaire siblings will not donate to the event. Four years ago, David Koch contributed $1 million to the convention, which was held in Tampa, Florida and attended it as a delegate from New York state. He will not attend this year's convention in Cleveland.

USA Today reported earlier this week that aides for this year's presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, will meet with Koch staffers.

However, Charles Koch has been openly critical of Trump's verbal attacks against federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, saying that the real estate magnate would have to shift his policy and rhetoric to win his backing.

"It's either racist or it's stereotyping," Koch said of Trump's remarks about Curiel. "It's unacceptable, and it's taking the country in the wrong direction."

A spokesperson for the RNC's host committee said that it had already raised $57 million of the $64 million needed to host the convention.

[h/t Talking Points Memo]