'Cheer up. We'll all be dead soon' -- UK celebs react to Brexit
Ricky Gervais on Seth Meyers (Screen capture)

Now that the U.K. has officially voted to leave the European Union, some of the country's top celebrities have reacted to the controversial vote with their characteristic wit.

The best Brexit celebrity commentator is without a doubt Ricky Gervais, whose take on the Brexit can be summarized as follows: "Cheer up. We'll all be dead soon."

That is to say, he thinks this was a bad decision:

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was also upset by the Brexit vote and wished that she could cast a spell to somehow change everything back to how it was:

Singer Boy George tried to cheer her up, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect:

TMZ caught John Lennon's son Julian on video and asked him how he felt about the Brexit. He responded by saying he was "pissed" about it and said that it had taken the country back 50 years.

Singer Lily Allen was apoplectic about the decision to leave the EU:

Not every U.K. celebrity was anti-Brexit, however. Actress Elizabeth Hurley actively campaigned for her country to leave the EU and she was extremely pleased with last night's results: