CNN hosts rip GOPer opposing Tubman on the $20: Women and people of color are 'part of our history'
CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo (screen grab)

CNN hosts Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo on Wednesday eviscerated Rep. Steve King's (R-IA) assertion that it was "racist" and "sexist" to add Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

Earlier this week, King offered a bill to block Tubman -- an African-American woman who used the Underground Railroad to help free slaves -- from replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. But the Republican-controlled House Rules Committee agreed on Tuesday to not allow a floor vote on King's measure.

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's New Day, Camerota and Cuomo suggested that King's bill was indefensible.

"Which side do you want?" Cuomo asked Camerota. "Let's make the case on each side. You take the Tubman should be on the [$20] bill."

"Okay," Camerota agreed. "Women and people of color have been woefully underrepresented in our history books and our currency, not because they weren't a part of our history, but because we didn't recognize their part in history."

"It is not revisionist history to say that they should not be recognized," she added.

But Cuomo offered no defense of King's effort to block Tubman.

"We're out of time, we have to go," he joked. "That was a very strong case and I have some very big points to make against it."

"You're crushing me," Cuomo concluded.

Watch the video below from CNN's New Day, broadcast June 22, 2016.