Comcast admits to wrongfully taking $1,775 from man’s account — and laughs when he asks for refund
Frustrated man on the phone (Shutterstock)

A customer who shut down his Internet service nearly two year ago with Comcast is still waiting for $1,775 the broadband provider improperly took from his bank account.

The customer, identified only as Robert, said Comcast representatives admit the money should not have been debited from his account, but none of the cash has been returned to him, reported Consumerist.

Robert said he signed up for a two-year business-tier contract in early 2011, but he downgraded his service in 2014 to a lower rate.

He canceled his Comcast service not long afterward, believing -- correctly -- that he was out of his contract.

But several weeks later, Consumerist reported, the company withdrew $1,775.44 from the checking account tied to Robert's canceled broadband service to pay an "early termination fee."

Robert contacted the provider, and he said Comcast representatives admitted a blank contract was created without his signature.

The company's representatives admitted that was done in error and promised to return the money by check -- but he still hasn't received that.

Robert called Comcast to check on the refund in January 2015, about two months after the company promised to repay, and was literally met with laughter.

“The rep actually laughed when I told her I didn’t get a check yet," Robert told Consumerist. "She said it would take three months.”

A year and a half later, he's still waiting for his money to be returned.

A Comcast representative told Consumerist the money had been applied to Robert's account in December 2014, but "the refund check never generated."

That representative promised to send a check within 10 days, but Robert isn't holding his breath.

“Hopefully this time they are actually sending me a check," he told the website.