Creationist Ken Ham goes bonkers over media coverage of ‘sin-cursed’ gorilla’s death
Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham appears in a YouTube video (Screenshot)

Has the news media been spending way too much time covering the dead gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo? Probably it has. That said, creationist Ken Ham can't make this very basic point without tipping over into loony toons territory.

On Twitter Wednesday morning, he first excoriates the media for focusing on the gorilla when abortions are taking place each and every day:

Next, he says that it's wrong to feel too sorry for the gorilla since it wasn't made in God's image:

Over at his Answers in Genesis website, Ham makes a longer case against getting too upset over the gorilla's fate by citing (what else?) biblical scripture. He then ties all these scriptural quotes up with a thrilling conclusion in which he refers to the gorilla as a "sin-cursed animal" that unfortunately had to be put down.

"Because we live in a fallen world, sin has affected everything, including gorillas and three-year-olds," he writes. "Therefore when deciding what to do in a situation where a human being, made in God’s image, is in the control of a sin-cursed animal with no sense of human morality, we must do all we can to protect the child from harm."

And really, who can argue with that kind of authentic frontier gibberish?