Glenn Beck TV host: I know racism exists but people of color 'get a free pass'
Tomi Lahren responds to criticism on June 30, 2016. (Facebook)

Conservative TV host Tomi Lahren insisted on Thursday that she harbored no prejudice against black people -- while also complaining that her right to discuss race was being suppressed.

"Seems to me that people of color can say whatever the hell they want and get a free pass," she said on her Blaze TV show. "But when I speak my truth, I'm your target. Somehow telling me to die makes you feel supreme?"

Lahren attacked actor and activist Jesse Williams on Wednesday on her show and accused him of "race-baiting" for criticizing cultural appropriation and excessive force by police in a speech at this year's BET Awards.

"Half-white Jesse Williams stands up at the BET Awards and bashes white people for being white and yet I'm the racist? OK, sure." she said. "So if he's half-white, is he then half-racist? Ponder that."

But even as she referred to Williams' biracial background in the pejorative sense, Lahren -- who earlier this year accused Beyoncé of being unfair to young white girls because of her Super Bowl performance -- said she only talked about race because white people were afraid to.

"What exactly are you being 'woke' to do?" she asked critics. "That's what I don't get. Please tell me in what way black Americans are not equal."

Watch Lahren's commentary, as aired on Thursday, below.