Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been so awful over the past week that many Republicans are floating the idea of staging a mutiny at this year's convention. One Republican delegate who supports such a coup is A.J. Spiker, a former chairman of the Iowa Republican party, who tells CNBC that "there is only so much dog shit to choke down" when it comes to holding his nose and supporting Trump.

"He is unfit for the Oval Office, and you are continuing to see that over and over again," Spiker said. "There has to be a bottom to this pit."

Spiker took to Twitter earlier this week to beg a "patriot" Republican politician to come to Cleveland in July and shake down GOP delegates so they would unpledge themselves to Trump and vote for them instead.

This plan would almost certainly spark a riot in Cleveland, as Trump supporters would rightly feel that they got robbed. That said, Spiker believes that there are enough unhappy delegates to kill Trump's presidential bid if the RNC simply changes the rules to unbind them and let them vote their consciences.

"There is a large group of delegates — more than a majority — that would want someone (other than Trump) as the GOP presidential candidate," he said.