A photo that has gone viral from supporters of Donald Trump alleging a woman, covered in blood, was beaten at a Trump rally by protesters is far from the truth.

The photo was tweeted by @Cons_Nation saying "Here's what happened to female Trump supporter when she met 'peaceful' and 'tolerant' liberals."

Except @Con_Nation made it up. The photo was actually a make-up test for actress Samara Weaving for horror movie legend Bruce Campbell's new comedy-horror series "Ash vs. Evil Dead," airing on Starz. Campbell took to Twitter, citing the tweet and calling them out for the "sad" lie.

The actress is appearing as a guest role in the final episode of the first season and originally posted the photo to her Instagram and Twitter accounts on January 4.

Snopes reported Greg McCurdy, a Facebook account that seems to only post conservative memes, posted the photo on Facebook alleging the woman was a victim of "fascism in America." The photo has had over 30,000 shares and despite comments about the photo being false.

This isn't the first time Trump supporters have been quick to find random photos of beaten women and tried to pass them off as the victims of liberals. A photo of a "15-year-old Trump supporter" beaten by protesters in San Jose was widely circulated. However, the photo was actually a screenshot from an episode of "La Rosa de Guadalupe."

There have been incidents of violence at Trump rallies from Trump supporters and from non-Trump supporters, so it's unclear why conservatives are using fake examples.