How a Trump University 'coach' ripped off a student for $230,000 as part of a massive Ponzi scheme
Trump University literature (Screen cap via CNN)

We haven't heard much about Trump University lately -- mostly because it's been overshadowed by other Trump scandals and controversies -- but it's not going away anytime soon.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that a Pittsburgh woman named Melissa Norris fell prey to a Ponzi schemer and convicted criminal who also just happened to be a "coach" at -- you guessed it -- Trump University.

Norris, who is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Trump University, paid $17,000 to attend a seminar where she met a "coach" named Cary Beagley who was supposed to help her find investment opportunities, but who instead guided her money into a Ponzi scheme where she ended up losing $230,000.

As local Pittsburgh station WTAE reported, Norris says that she told her coach that she wanted to invest in local properties in Pittsburgh, but he insisted that she park her investment in properties in Spain via a company called Safevest.

This set off some alarm bells, but she nonetheless heeded his advice and made the investment. Six months later, the Securities and Exchange Commission successfully got Safevest shut down in court after it accused the company of being an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Norris, sadly, never recovered her money.