Minnesota Republican cynically attacks opponent for being gay and biracial: 'She uses that as a strength'
Minnesota state House candidate Ali Jimenez-Hopper (Facebook)

A Republican candidate for the Minnesota state House was caught on tape seizing on Democrat Erin Maye Quade's biracial heritage and same-sex marriage as negatives, ThinkProgress reported.

The audio captures Ali Jimenez-Hopper's remarks during a party convention last month, where she won the endorsement to run as the GOP candidate for state House District 57A.

"She brings up that she is half black and she uses that as a strength," Jimenez-Hopper said of Maye Quade's background. "She brings up that she is in support of LGBT and that lifestyle and puts out pictures on Twitter of her and her wife. I believe in the traditional marriage in the sense that it’s between a husband and wife and God and that family is important. We need to have these values so we can go forth and think about your community."

Jimenez-Hopper also said that Maye Quade "appears to be a collectivist" because she works for Rep. Keith Ellison (R-MN).

The non-profit news site The Column, which first published Jimenez-Hopper's accusations, also reported that she is a member of a church that cut its ties with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America after it moved to allow churches to ordain LGBT ministers.

Maye Quade, who met her wife Alyse in 2014 while working as a political organizer, told ThinkProgress that she had never met her opponent, and only came across the remarks on Wednesday morning.

"This isn't a Republican or Democrat thing," Maye Quade said. "It's basic human respect and it's shocking to hear from anyone. That's not the tone I want for this election — at least for me."

Jimenez-Hopper's remarks, as posted online, can be heard below.