Neo-Nazis are creating bizarre dance music that mixes Hitler speeches with club beats
SNL neo-Nazi for Donald Trump -- (SNL screen grab)

We don't typically think of neo-Nazis as fun-loving individuals, but they apparently aren't above going out dancing... as long as the music also samples Adolf Hitler.

The Daily Beast has a fascinating report on the Nazi dance music scene that was highlighted recently when a neo-Nazi named Edward Perkowski was arrested along with his brother for hoarding guns, ammo, drugs and bomb-making instructions in their Long Island home.

It seems that Perkowski has been uploading dance music videos to YouTube for years under the name of DJ Ghost of the Reich. Here's a video that relies on excerpts of a Hitler speech that's typical of DJ GoR's work:

These videos, which mix club beats with audio samples of famous Nazi officials, have apparently inspired a host of white supremacist DJs on the web to create their "National Socialist techno." Among others, The Daily Beast cites the YouTube accounts of DJ Nazi Scum, DJ Adolf and DJ Panzerfaust as disciples of DJ GoR.

Robert Futrell, a professor of sociology at the University of Las Vegas, tells The Daily Beast that these music videos are likely a recruitment tool to make Nazism seem more modern and less threatening than the way people typically think about it.

“All they’re looking for in a strategic sense is for you take one more step,” he explains. “It’s like saying ‘Hey, white people, if you could just understand what we’re about, you’ll be enlightened and want to become one too. Music is a tool to draw in new recruits.”

The full Daily Beast report is worth checking out at this link.