New Mexicans slap down Trump-loving tourist who whined about 'angry Indians and illegal Mexicans'
Penn. native William Strong, who does not like "angry Indians and illegal Mexicans" (Facebook photo)

A Trump voter from Pennsylvania who recently went on a trip to New Mexico says he's furious that his vacation was ruined by a group of "radical feminists, angry Indians and illegal Mexicans."

As reports, William Strong of Oil City, Pa. recently wrote an angry letter to the editor at the Albuquerque Journal complaining about all the horrible, undesirable people who lived in New Mexico.

"[New Mexico] is a land filled with radical feminists, angry Indians and illegal Mexicans," the 70-year-old man said in his letter. "We were verbally attacked twice in Santa Fe simply because we are Christian conservatives and hold a different political point of view. We were forced to 'keep our mouths shut' for fear of physical reprisals. In Taos, we both got a massage. I told the masseuse about our encounters in Santa Fe and that we would support Trump. Her exact words to me were to keep our mouths shut because we would be physically attacked."

It's worth noting that one of the "radical feminists" who allegedly told Strong that he'd physically attacked if he expressed his beliefs is disputing his account and is insisting that she and her friends were completely polite to Strong during their encounter.

As you'd expect, social media users in New Mexico gleefully ripped into Strong, as The Santa Fe New Mexican documents. Some sample remarks:

  • "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."
  • "Don’t effing come back, and make sure to spread your story far and wide among others of your ilk"
  • "This makes me wicked proud to be New Mexican. #middlefingersup"

As you can see, the "angry Indians and illegal Mexicans" aren't too eager to have him make a return trip anytime soon.