Rape victim flees naked into store screaming for help -- but workers tell her to leave
Sad woman (Shutterstock)

A woman who ran naked into the street screaming for help in Lawrence, Massachusetts said no one would come to her aid at first, MassLive.com reported.

The woman accused her boyfriend of tying her up and raping her, but she waited for him to fall asleep before escaping. She ran naked into the street with her hands still bound, screaming for help and that someone was trying to kill her. But at first, no one stepped up to help.

She ran into a store and was told to leave, MassLive reports.

Eventually a witness called 911.

Police found the woman sitting on a stoop and crying, wrapped in a sweater someone gave her. She was dirty and barefoot, with marks where her legs and wrists were bound.

Her boyfriend, Keyvin "Ghetto" Gil, had threatened her with a gun, which he then used to sexually assault her, MassLive reports. He raped her and told her he would give her a chance to say goodbye to her twin daughters before he killed her. He also burned her with lit cigarettes, took a single bullet out of his gun and spun the chamber to taunt her.

"I'm not dying today. I'm going to see my daughters," she told herself before escaping.

Gil is being held without bail.