Rapist’s mother wrote letter to judge complaining about decorating — and not one word about the victim
Brock Turner

Brock Turner's mother did not mention the victim of his assault in a letter to Judge Aaron Persky, but she did discuss the effect of his actions on their home, the Fresno Bee reported.

"We moved into our home on Jan. 17 2015. Then we got that fateful call from Brock on Sunday the 18th and our world has been spinning apart ever since," Carleen Turner wrote. "This house now reminds me of the horror of that moment. I have not decorated the house nor have I hung anything on the walls. I am a mom who loves family pictures but I haven't had the heart to put photos around of our family being happy."

The letter also does not make direct reference to the former swimmer's attack on the unconscious woman, instead saying that his account of what transpired had not changed and that he was "trying to fit in with the swimmers he idolized."

Turner's mother also expressed concern about his future job prospects and fretted over the fact that he would have to register as a Tier 3 sex offender after serving his sentence.

"Brock will have to register at the highest tier which means he is on the same level as a pedophile/child molester. There is no differentiation," she wrote. "The public records will reflect a Tier 3 so people will wrongly assume he is a child molester. I fear for his lifelong safety."

Persky ultimately sentenced Turner to six months in jail, fearing that a lengthier sentence would have "a severe impact" on him. The verdict has spurred nationwide criticism against both of them, with jurors now refusing to serve in Persky's court.