Revealed: Orlando shooter delivered chilling phone call to local news station during massacre
A memorial for the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting (Shutterstock)

As he was slaughtering people at the Pulse nightclub this weekend, shooter Omar Mateen made a chilling phone call to local station News 13 in Orlando, the station revealed on Wednesday.

As the station was covering Mateen's murderous rampage, News 13 producer Matthew Gentili received a phone call from Mateen, who immediately told the producer that he was murdering people in the name of the Islamic State.

"I did it for ISIS," Mateen told him. "I did it for the Islamic State."

Gentili proceeded to ask Mateen to reveal his location, to which Mateen responded that it was "none of his business." He then asked Mateen if he wanted to say anything else, and Mateen hung up the phone shortly afterward.

The call occurred at 2:45 a.m., roughly 45 minutes after the shooting began, which means that Mateen had already killed a number of people by the time he called Gentili.

"I'm definitely changed," Gentili said. "When you get a phone call like that, I'm never going to be able to answer the phone again without thinking this is the most serious call I'll ever get in my life."