Sanders campaign: No, Bernie Sanders did not try to close polling locations in Puerto Rico
Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Screenshot)

Earlier Sunday, MSNBC reported that the local democratic party told the network that the Sanders campaign had requested fewer polling stations. According to a statement from the Sanders campaign, that report is false.

"In emails with the party, Sanders' staff asked the party to maintain the 1,500 plus presidential primary locations promised by the Puerto Rico Democratic party in testimony before the DNC in April, when the party was asking to have its caucus changed to a primary," the statement said.

"They cannot blame their shoddy running of the primary on our campaign. This is just one example of irregularities going on in Puerto Rico voting today. We are the campaign that has been fighting to increase voter participation."

This message is consistent with online messages from Sanders supporters, who were furious over the cuts. Many tweeted about the change and the "Sanders for President" subreddit also called the reduction "about as bad as Arizona" with dozens of Sanders supporters commenting about election fears regarding about the reduction in posts.