Stephen Colbert ridicules Corey Lewandowski: 'Someone was managing Trump's campaign?'
Stephen Colbert deeply ponders Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Donald Trump's campaign for president is beginning another bad week on the trail. The campaign announced the sacking of manager Corey Lewandowski Monday and Tuesday morning, media woke up to reports detailing Trump's embarrassing campaign cashflow problem.

"Which is shocking," Stephen Colbert said on Monday night's "Late Show." "Someone was managing that campaign?"

Colbert showed a clip from a speech Trump made last week where he tried to talk about the money wasted by starting up aircraft carriers after a threat against the United States is made. The purpose was to illustrate how he would run the country more efficiently, presumably by not sending in ships or planes when threats are made. Instead, all it gained was mockery because Trump pantomimed starting an aircraft carrier as if it was an old pickup truck.

"That's a great point, you can save a lot of money by not turning on aircraft carriers," Colbert joked. "You can save even more by putting the engine in neutral when the water is coasting downhill. Just coast to the middle east. Did you notice that key turning motion he made? That's how he thinks you start an aircraft carrier like a Pontiac," he continued, pretending to rev the engine of a car that wouldn't start.

Trump supported Lewandowski after he was charged with the battery of a female reporter, so it's even more curious why Trump showed him the door this week.

"The whole thing is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, trapped inside of an enigma and slathered with spray tan," Colbert said.

The whole ordeal can really be summed up by a source inside the campaign who told NBC News, "No one knows what is happening," Colbert quoted. "And just this afternoon, his communications director said this," Colbert then ran the famous "Poltergeist" clip of actress Dominique Dunne screaming "What's happening!"

So with staff being thrown out and funding drying up, what will Trump do? Colbert assured viewers that the self-described billionaire has a plan: Scott Baio.

"Now for my younger viewers who don't know Scott Baio, he stared in 'Joanie Loves Chachi' and 'Charles in Charge,' which are two sitcoms you are also not familiar with," Colbert described. "Recently, Scott Baio showed his support for Trump in a Fox Business interview with Ashley Webster, who would like to point out, for no particular reason, is not named Lester." Colbert then showed a clip of Baio calling Webster by his new name several times.

"I don't know what's more surprising, Scott Baio's opinion or the fact that someone asked Scott Baio's opinion," Colbert joked. "Next they're going to ask thoughts on Trump's border wall from Wilson from 'Home Improvement.'"

Check out the video below: