Tennessee drunk driver busted with chastity belt locked on his penis
Curtis Scott Eidam was arrested for drunk driving while a chastity belt was attached to his penis (Source: Anderson County Sheriff's Office)

Chastity belts and drunk driving don't often go together, which is what makes the story of 35-year-old Tennessee resident Curtis Scott Eidam so unusual.

Local news station WATE reports that Eidam was pulled over by police in a sobriety checkpoint on State Route 62 last month. Police immediately noticed that Eidam smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. As if that weren't enough of a clue that he was driving under the influence, Eidam also told officers that he'd taken at least four shots of hard liquor over the span of the last four hours, and a breathalyzer test showed a .117 blood alcohol content.

But then things get really weird: After he was taken into custody, Eidam told police that they would need to retrieve a key from his car so that he could unlock a chastity device that was attached to his genitals. The key was retrieved and given to jail personnel after he was arrested -- we imagine that staff members had to draw straws to see who would be the lucky one to unlock the device.

In the end, Eidam was charged with driving under the influence and possession of a handgun under the influence, with no added charges related to the locked device he had around his genitals.