Texas Supreme Court sides with family that refuses to educate kids while awaiting Rapture
Child (Shutterstock)

If you thought you were about to be Raptured away into paradise, would you bother teaching your kids about things like math, science and literature?

One Christian family in Texas has been accused of refusing to educate their nine children because they believe the Rapture is imminent -- and they've just won a big case in front of the Texas Supreme Court.

Local news station KFOR reports that the Texas Supreme Court has ruled on technical grounds that parents Laura and Michael McIntyre do not have to provide proof to the El Paso school district that they're teaching their children anything.

Home school families are not required by law in Texas to teach state-approved curriculum or to issue standardized tests, which means the state seemingly has very little ground to stop parents who think the Rapture means their children don't need to learn how to read.

Regardless, the family had better hope that the Rapture really is coming soon -- because if it doesn't, they will have produced nine extremely unemployable people.