Donald Trump is proving to be a very hard sell for a lot of longtime Republican donors, including at least one who believes he's the second coming of MussoliniBuzzfeed's Ben Smith reports that top Trump fundraiser Anthony Scaramucci tried cajoling Republican bigwigs into supporting Trump by saying that Trump will make some positively insane decisions as president unless they donate to him now and influence him to be better.

"We need your wisdom," the fundraiser told a skeptical Republican while suggesting that Trump would be amenable to his guidance if he cut a big check. "Do you want Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs to be the secretary of state and Gary Busey to be on the Supreme Court?"

Combs and Busey are two former Celebrity Apprentice contestants who now back Trump's bid for the nomination. They're also about as unqualified to serve on the Supreme Court or at the State Department as Trump is to serve as president.

Per Buzzfeed's reporting, it seems that the GOP donors weren't all that persuaded by Scaramucci's argument and expressed skepticism that they could do anything to reel him in.

"I didn’t say he was going to change, I don’t think that," Scaramucci said in response to their skepticism. "But what about bringing in super smart people?"

You have to give Scaramucci credit: Telling donors to pony up cash to make it marginally less likely that his favored candidate will do something utterly crazy is the most creative fundraising pitch made in a long time. Whether it's actually effective, however, remains to be seen.