Trump opens up a nuclear can of stupid: Boasts he'd cripple ISIS's ability to use radio
Donald Trump speaks to supporters (a katz /

When Donald Trump was asked who were his top foreign policy advisers earlier this year, he said that, "I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things."

Today, he apparently talked with himself a lot about the ways groups such as Islamic State communicate with their followers and came away baffled by the fact that we haven't somehow found a way to take away their ability to use radios yet.

"How do we allow them to have radio?" Trump asked Fox and Friends this morning, in a transcript posted by CBS News reporter Sopan Deb. "Now with radio, you know where the signals are coming from. It's not hard to find out where the signals are coming from. How do we have -- how do we allow them to have radio?"

Yes, why hasn't our government figured out how to prevent people who have the proper equipment from communicating with one another over unlicensed spectrum in foreign countries?

It really is a mystery why no president has ever thought of this ingenious plan before -- chalk this up to yet another "victory" for Trump's outside-the-box thinking.