WATCH: Activists mock anti-choice nutters in hilarious ‘Game of Thrones’ parody
Shame of Thrones (Photo: Screen capture from Lady Parts Justice video)

In a hilarious new video from Lizz Winstead's political comedy troupe Lady Parts Justice, you see a woman making a difficult decision about her dragon egg in "Shame of Thrones."

Despite being the single mother to three special needs dragons already, "I'm trying to acquire the ships to conquer seven kingdoms. I cannot have a fourth," the Daenerys Targaryen-like woman decides.

She is then questioned by a man that is supposed to be Tyrion Lannister. "Your grace, I understand you think you know what you're saying," he says in a condescending voice before urging her to "really think" before she terminates the dragon. "It seems your emotions are clouding your judgement."

He's later seen eye-rolling about "women who ignore my counsel," longing if he only had a glass of wine for every time it happened.

The woman is shown walking through the streets carrying the dragon egg as people spit at her and write "dragon killer" on walls. When in battle she rallies her troops, asking if they're ready to follow her as she leads them into battle the troops cheer for her. But when she asks if the troops trust her to govern her own body they are silent.

"Wait! Even you guys want me to take more time to think it over?" she says before the troops cheer. "Oh, come on!"

The tagline is a lesson if you trust a woman to run the world then we should trust them to run their bodies.

Check it out below: