WATCH: Justin Bieber swears and swings at much bigger man --and gets knocked the f*ck out
Bieber brawl (Screenshot/TMZ)

Pop singer Justin Bieber got into a fist fight outside an NBA game on Wednesday night in Cleveland, and got knocked to the ground, according to video posted by celebrity news and gossip site TMZ.

Bieber, sporting platinum blond hair, called a 6'5" fan a foul word, sparking the brawl. TMZ reports the man, Lamont Richmond, asked the star if his two female friends could take a picture with him. Bieber shot back,  "No autographs tonight, motherf***er."

Richmond told TMZ that Bieber smelled of alcohol, puffed out his chest and took a swing at him.

That was a mistake, apparently.

Video posted by TMZ shows Bieber swinging at Richmond. Richmond responds and in the end Bieber ends up on the ground. Richmond told TMZ that had he used his full strength, he could have potentially killed the 22-year-old Canadian. He said he plans to file a lawsuit.

Watch video, as posted by TMZ, here: